Students Say

Early Intervention Specialist

I’m an experienced special needs teacher and adaptive learning specialist. I have Associates level training in Orton-Gillingham instruction. I work with children from preschool through elementary grades.

Has your child’s school expressed concern about their reading progress? Do you worry about them falling behind? Do dyslexia or dysgraphia make learning harder?

These are the challenges I love to teach. How can I make their learning fun? How can I best teach them the way they need to learn?

Jill Pohl, Special Needs Tutor

Every child has lessons designed just for them, progressing at their pace. While I teach, we do cross-midline exercises. We use manipulatives, Matchbox cars, Lego, and games. We jump and clap and sing and get silly. I incorporate all the senses to best reach long term memory.

I will work with your child in the comfort of your home to help them be the best reader they can be.


The Orton-Gillingham Approach offers systematic phonics instruction with multi-sensory input. Teaching reading, writing and spelling together, it is a reliable method to assist all learners, with dyslexia or without, in becoming competent readers and writers. Contact me to discuss how I can help your family.



“Our fourth grade daughter has been getting tutored by Ms. Jill twice a week for almost a year. We reached out to Ms. Jill when we learned our daughter was dyslexic. Since working with Ms. Jill our daughter’s confidence has soared. School has become much less overwhelming and her writing and spelling have drastically improved. Our daughter always looks forward to her sessions with Ms. Jill. Ms. Jill has a very kind and gentle demeanor. I love the convenience of her coming to our home for sessions. She is very consistent with her scheduling, but also flexible with us when needed if possible. She has also given her time in completing evaluation forms for school applications and assessments. We are so grateful for Ms. Jill!”

Diane W

“In our home, we say Mrs. Jill is a life changer for our child. When she came into our lives she was able to help support [our child’s] learning differences and build her personal confidence to do more for her education than in any years before or since. Our child is a dyslexic student, and she will always have to work a little harder, but with the support and efforts of Mrs. Jill, her future is even brighter and more successful than we could have imagined.”

McCoy Family

“Jill was integral in teaching my daughter to read. My child struggled to learn to read during virtual learning, and we just couldn’t get caught up. Jill had awesome techniques, my daughter loved her, and I’m happy to say she’s reading voraciously now.”

Grace S

“Jill quickly established rapport with our son and wasn’t at all put off by his ADHD. She was adept at keeping him engaged and made sessions so much fun that our older son wanted to work with Jill, too! Jill’s work with our son put him on a solid footing for making forward progress in school.”

Megan F

“Jill has been absolutely wonderful!  We’ve been able to see great improvements in our daughter’s confidence and reading skills.  Jill caters every lesson specifically for our child, and then gives us a summary and items to work on before her next lesson.  Our daughter is always excited when Ms. Jill is coming over!”

Katy A

“We’ve seen huge gains with our son’s writing since he started working with Jill. Last spring he scored in the 53rd percentile on his Map writing test but after a summer working with her, he scored in the 85th percentile. Her session are organized, well planned based on his needs, and she has worked hard to find activities that coincide with his interests to keep him engaged. Most importantly, we’ve seen his confidence soar! We’re grateful to have her expertise as we navigate how to best meet his educational needs.”

Amanda M

“Ms. Jill gets to know your individual child to help them best. She has great knowledge and experience and great communication with parents. She makes lessons fun and my son liked working with her. I highly recommend her.”

Kristen S

“Jill has been a wonderful summer tutor for our rising 2nd grade son. She is attentive, diligent, patience, knowledgeable and most importantly, fun. Jill tailors the instruction to best meet your child’s unique needs and really listens to the child to know what works. I would highly recommend using Jill.”

Kelli L